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Since 2019, NS Collections is manufacturing high-quality products and supplying Varsity Letterman Jackets, Corsets, Sports ware, Gloves, and working ware. Over the years with determination and hard work, NS Collections has maintained high-quality materials and workmanship to satisfy our valued client’s requirements. Therefore, we have number of satisfied returning clients.


To reach the high-quality standards and requirements of our valued clients, we have 5 STEPS CHECK for our in-house production processes of cloths and packing equipment, which includes cutting, stitching, inspections, and packing. As well as maintaining high-quality purchase of the products from approved vendors.

MATERIAL As soon as the material and the accessories are received, very strict measures are taken during the inspection to ensure that the material is conforms with the specifications and meets clients’ requirements even though it is from approved vendors. The defective material is rejected and the new one is purchased. Therefore, ONLY the approved material is brought into the cutting process.

Cutting is done in the following process:
1. The approval of the quality assures the department that the perfect patterns are being used to draw the panels of the garments.
2. To draw the panels of the garment, a specific material is used to assure all panels/parts of the garments to avoid the mixing of the panels of different shades. ext Here

The stitching department is carried out under strict measures according to the marking assigned by the cutting department. Therefore, the quality assurance department performs in Process inspection at regular intervals to ensure that the product is being stitched/produced as per the provided
instructions and specifications

The stitched garment is then passed to the inspection department where a thorough inspection is carried out by well-trained and experienced personnel. The inspections are conducted for the stitching, labeling, sizing, style, etc. The garment is sent back for rework if any non-conformance is found.

The inspection-approved garments are advanced for packing, where the packing department packs according to the provided instructions. STEP 6: RANDOM CHECKING Before shipping, the quality assurance department performs the random checking of packed products to double-check only quality product is being dispatched and meets all requirements

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