All Wool Jackets

NS Collections offers a wide range of all-wool jackets, focusing primarily on varsity and letterman styles. These jackets are known for their high quality, classic design, and customization options. The collection includes various styles such as wool varsity jackets, wool and leather combination jackets, and collared varsity jackets.

Leather Sleeves

NS Collections offers a variety of leather sleeve jackets that combine style and durability. Their collection features jackets with contrasting leather sleeves and wool bodies, providing a classic varsity jacket look. These jackets come in various color combinations and sizes, ensuring a tailored fit for men, women, and kids. The jackets are designed to offer both comfort and a timeless aesthetic. Customization options are also available, allowing customers to create unique designs tailored to their preferences​.


NS Collections offers a range of collared jackets, particularly focusing on varsity-style jackets. These jackets are available in various colors, including yellow, royal blue, red, and pink. The collection features both classic and modern designs, blending traditional varsity elements with contemporary styles. These collared jackets are a part of their broader varsity jacket collection, which includes options with different sleeve materials like leather, satin, and wool​.


The NS Collection website offers a variety of overbust corsets, designed to provide support and shape from the bust down to the hips. These corsets feature intricate designs, high-quality materials, and a focus on both aesthetic appeal and functionality. They are available in various styles and sizes to cater to different body types and preferences, ensuring a flattering fit and enhanced silhouette.


The NS Collection website showcases an extensive range of underbust corsets, which are designed to cinch the waist and enhance curves while allowing flexibility in pairing with various tops. These corsets offer superior support and shaping from the underbust to the hips, featuring high-quality fabrics, diverse designs, and meticulous craftsmanship. With options suitable for different body types and style preferences, NS Collection ensures a comfortable and stylish fit for all users.


The NS Collection website offers a diverse range of waist chincher corsets, specifically designed to target and shape the waistline. These corsets provide firm support and compression, helping to create a more defined, hourglass figure. Made from high-quality materials and available in various designs and sizes, NS Collection's waist chinchers combine functionality with style, catering to different body types and aesthetic preferences.